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Saturday, December 01, 2007
Joe Locke Rox
and some other things
I was just listening to my brother on Facebook. Just found out he has a handful of full-song MP3s there. Take a listen. You probably need to register and/or login to hear them, which is most likely beyond most of your technical abilities, I realize, but as this gives me one more opportunity to impugn your intelligence and/or general sentience, I include this observation gratis. You can also check out Joe's CDs on Amazon -- there are quite a few of them.

And speaking of Amazon, if you've been toying with the idea of buying one of their new Kindle readers, please do it via this link. The kickback is fairly major, and will enable me to purchase Xmas coal for all my loved ones. Really, I could use the juice. I shouldn't tell you this, but for example, what I'm eating right now is canned black beans heated up with 505 organic hot green chile sauce, which latter is some seriously delicious gustatory gris-gris. So far so good, right? But I also mixed in some sliced corned beef that I cut up into bits. Then I poured the whole thing over a bunch of stale blue-corn tortilla chips I found lying around. If there is a Jewish Deli Hell, that's where you'll find me after the Last Judgment. So see? Go buy the fucking Kindle and maybe I can afford some decent rye and a little horseradish. Maybe a pickle, who knows? Gott in himmel!

Actually, I am only writing this to check out MarsEdit 2.0. I haven't used this app in years and I've forgotten a lot of what I once knew about it -- like how to make it use Bbedit, where all my hacked HTML macros live, instead of defaulting to TextMate, which is nice yeah, but I haven't fully figured it out yet. Whaddya want? It's only been two years.

Of course, I've been thinking much deeper thoughts than these mere trifles -- over on my Facebook page. Yes, once again, I'm a late adopter and have gotten the fever just as everyone is bailing out. But the way I see it, if you can't be the first rat off a sinking ship, be the last. More food left that way. And you can laugh all you want at my second-childhood Facebook mania, but through that network, I just reconnected with a good friend I knew back in 1968. Here's a movie he worked on not so long ago.

OK, whatever. So now let me see if this will save...

It didn't. Well, so much for MarsEdit 2.0. [But see later post, above.]

3:22 PM | link |

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"RageBoy: Giving being fucking nuts a good name since 1985."
~D. Weinberger
28 October 2004

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Until a minute ago, I had no photos. I still have no photos to speak of. I don't even have a camera. But all these people were linking to "my photos." It was embarassing. It's still embarassing. But I'm used to that.

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